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Ataúd de cedro acabado laqueado, adornos propios

Cedar casket with matte or lacquer finishing, custom adornments

Casket made of wood with straight lines and a flat lid. It’s simplicity gives it a delicate, elegant appearance that is ideal for both men and women. The inside is waterproof and its lining is made of silk with a matte finish and foam, which adds a soft layer for gentle contact within the casket. It is available in duco finish (color), natural matte finish (non-glossy).

Capilla ardiente de madera con cirios naturales, alfombra tipo persa

Wood funeral decorations with natural candlelight and Persian-type rug

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Carroza Mercedes Benz

Cadillac hearse

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Carro porta flores

Flower Arrangement Car

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Vehículo de acompañamiento (20 personas)

Guest transportation vehicle

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  • Assistance of Funeral Advisor
  • Driving and installation of service
  • Registration of death in RENIEC
  • Obituary
  • Preparation of deceased body

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